• Win - You've Got The Power

    Win - You've Got The Power

    Title: You've Got The Power
    Format: 12"
    Label: Swamplands
    Year: 1985

    Side A - You've Got The Power (Chocolate Thrills Mix)
    Side B - You've Got The Power 7" Version / In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)

    You've Got The Power

    Davey Henderson briefly traded punches with the charts courtesy of a TV lager ad and a major label push on this, their biggest single. He's still the best pop star we never had.

    You've Got The Power was trailed on The Tube with a video of the group superimposed against rollercoasters, fireballs and leaping tigers and came in a raft of versions to aid an assault on the top ten which didn't quite happen. I've used the 7" edit as both extended mixes are ultimately just dilutions.

    Win - You've Got The Power Remix

    Title: You've Got The Power
    Format: 12" Remix
    Label: Swamplands
    Year: 1985

    Side A - You've Got The Power (US Dance Mix)
    Side B - In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song) / Unamerican Broadcasting (7" Edit)

    In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)

    Here's the remix 12" in the blue sleeve variant which also shared Win's version of that pop song from David Lynch's Eraserhead.

    Uh! Tears Baby

  • The Slits - Adventures Close To Home

    The Slits - Cut

    Title: Cut
    Format: LP
    Label: Island
    Year: 1979

    Side 1 - Instant Hit / So Tough / Spend, Spend, Spend / Shoplifting / FM
    Side 2 - Newtown / Ping Pong Affair / Love Und Romance / Typical Girls / Adventures Close To Home

    Adventures Close To Home

    My last posts might get fairly predictable but I'm sure no one will blame me for squeezing in one more by The Slits. Adventures Close To Home was the last track on their debut album Cut and a version also featured on The Raincoats first single which was my second post on this blog. I still love them both as hearing either takes me straight back to 1979.

    I bought the LP in Manchester's Virgin Records, the one after it moved from Lever Street to a spot beneath The Arndale near where Boots is now. As a new release they were in a rack near the door and I noticed a load of them had felt tip all over the covers like lines across the faces, that kind of thing. I chose an untouched one but on getting home discovered some scrawled messages on the inner sleeve, my favourite being "Get this for three quid or steal it" signed Ari.

    There's loads of Slits elsewhere on this blog if you care to look but as a bonus here's the group's early punked up take on Love And Romance from their 1977 Peel Session. I love the purrs and squeals...

    Love And Romance (Peel Session)

    Possessed by Quixote's dream, went to fight dragons in the land of concrete

  • Sex Pistols - Bodies

    Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks

    Title: Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols
    Format: LP
    Label: Virgin
    Year: 1977

    Side One - Holidays In The Sun / Liar / No Feelings / God Save The Queen / Problems
    Side Two - Seventeen / Anarchy In The UK / Bodies / Pretty Vacant / New York / E.M.I.

    One Sided 7" - Submission


    This is what Bill Nelson and the old wave were up against. Outlandishly wrapped by Jamie Reid, Sex Pistols only album was the sound of the zeitgeist and contained all four singles like a ready made greatest hits.

    I bought Never Mind The Bollocks the week it came out at the now long gone Robinson's Records just over Blackfriars Bridge. My mum gave me the money on the condition it was being wrapped up for Xmas but I'd just go and get it out of her cupboard whenever she was out.

    Nothing's ever shocked me more than hearing Bodies for the first time.


  • Be Bop Deluxe - Maid In Heaven

    Be Bop Deluxe - Hot Valves EP

    Title: Hot Valves
    Format: 7" EP
    Label: Harvest
    Year: 1976

    Side One - Maid In Heaven / Bring Back The Spark
    Side Two - Blazing Apostles / Jet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus

    Maid In Heaven

    I'd been buying my own records since the age of ten, mainly pop stuff and compilations that got played on a hand me down Dansette in my bedroom or the downstairs stereo when my parents were out. The Beatles and The Stones were favourites along with Roy Wood, Slade and a bit of Glitter Stomp. Just the usual.

    In 1976 I hit my teens and was searching for something musical to call my own when I fished this out of a Boots bargain bin a month or so before doing the same with a copy of Anarchy In The UK. Punk inevitably won out over Bill Nelson's new art rock but he reappeared with Red Noise and a solo career both of which seemed unfairly overshadowed at the time.

    The Hot Valves EP featured tracks from four separate Be Bop Deluxe albums with Maid In Heaven taken from the previous year's Futurama. I picked up most of them in charity shops after the fact but these days you can one click buy this definitive overview of BBD for next to nothing if you want to hear more pre punk Nelson.

    Hold me now, go lightly, take the rough with the smooth

  • Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - Orphans

    Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - Oprhans

    Title: Orphans
    Format: 7"
    Label: Migraine
    Year: 1978

    Side A - Orphans
    Side B - Less Of Me


    I reminisced about my one and only exposure to an ear splitting Lydia Lunch in an earlier post dedicated to The Birthday Party but here's her first vinyl outing with New York No Wavers Teenage Jesus & The Jerks. Orphans is slightly more listenable than it's shouted B side (and her subsequent descent into art noise) but this single in particular rubbed off on many of the UK's emerging post punk girl groups.

    Lyrically it's totally unseasonable but I'm saving other stuff for around the time of the demise of this blog in mid December.

    No more ankles and no more clothes, little orphans running through the snow


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