Dot Dash - Spark/>Flame>Ember>Ash

Title: spark>flame>ember>ash
Format: CD Album
Label: The Beautiful Music
Year: 2011

Tracks - The Color And The Sound / There And Back Again Lane / Learn How To Fly / Dissolve / That Was Now, This Is Then / No Reverie / Tragedy/Destiny / I'm Going Home / A Straight Line / Gripped / Alright, Alright / Seconds In A Day / Hurrah / Unreal

Seconds In A Day

A week ago I was at Newark Liberty International waiting for my Manchester bound plane to get de-iced after connecting from a sub-tropical Fort Lauderdale and contemplating the sheer size and weather variations of the land of the free. Other than on telly I don't know the country that well nor do I have any respect for its government's concept of freedom and maybe that was showing on my face a couple of weeks earlier as I was apparently chosen at random for the explosives test at an uptight Atlanta airport. Yeah, I was glad to get home...

Thankfully I can disassociate myself when it comes to music especially if you get me talking about the New York punk scene or L.A.'s Paisley Underground and it'd be foolish to form an opinion of any people based on the wrecklessness of those in power. Same story, world over.

Aside from my occasional off tangent rants, this blog is stateless and always seems to attract like minded music lovers from around the globe. One such is a guy called Wally Salem from Ottawa in the more peaceful part of North America who runs a cool little label called The Beautiful Music. OK, he's slightly Dan Treacy obsessed but you've got to admire an ambition to release ten tribute CDs of Television Personalities covers and aside from that tbm releases regular albums by lots of other groups.

The irresistibly named Dot Dash hail from Washington D.C. although guitarist / singer Terry Banks found his way there from Old York via mid Eighties British janglers St. Christopher, side project Tree Fort Angst and subsequent D.C. power poppers Julie Ocean.

spark>flame>ember>ash is the group's debut album and is probably the sum of all of the above along with the extensive lineage of its other members. To me, Seconds In A Day sounds like something Colin Newman may have recorded for Chairs Missing / 154 without the Mike Thorne production layers and The Color And The Sound would definitely sit comfortably on a long lost cassette of All Mod Cons demos...

The Color And The Sound