The Psychedelic Sounds Of - The 13th Floor Elevators

Title: The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators
Format: LP
Label: Radar
Year: 1978

Side 1 - You're Gonna Miss Me / Roller Coaster / Splash 1 / Reverberation / Don't Fall Down
Side 2 - Fire Engine / Thru The Rhythm / You Don't Know / Kingdom Of Heaven / Monkey Island / Tried To Hide

Fire Engine

I used to live in a Salford tower block with a view of the Manchester skyline and the spot where the Irwell became a Ship Canal. It was also adjacent to a preserved Tudor Hall separated from the sprawl of council housing by a short stretch of Tarmac called Guy Fawkes Street. Rumour had it that the plot to detonate Parliament was hatched there but despite how greatly that pleased me its pretty much unsubstantiated.

It'll soon be the day we celebrate the foiling of The Gunpowder Plot by torching effigies atop large piles of anything vaguely combustible. Unsurprisingly it's the Fire Brigade's busiest night of the year so here's some 13th Floor Elevators to help get everyone in the mood.

Fire Engine opened side two of The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators and was also one of a handful of covers in Television's early sets. You're Gonna Miss Me had already appeared on Lenny Kaye's seminal Nuggets compilation and this Radar reissue of the group's 1966 debut LP further reinforced the links between the Austin, Texas mystics and a new generation of Stateside punk rock.

I still live within a stones throw of the River Irwell and the night before we moved upstream from the city was a very memorable November the fifth. A local fireworks factory had been 'liberated' and industrial strength rockets were exploding around the high rise one after another for what seemed like hours. It was a fond farewell....