Killing Joke - Adorations

Title: Adorations
Format: Double 7"
Label: E.G.
Year: 1986

Record One Side A - Adorations
Record One Side B - Exile

Record Two Side A - Ecstacy
Record Two Side B - Adorations (Instrumental Mix)


This Julian Mendelsohn version of Adorations is taken from the 7" doublepack that also featured an exclusive but non essential instrumental take of Zeus B. Held's Supernatural mix.

Killing Joke had reached their mid Eighties commercial peak with previous album Night Time and I'm sure E.G. were keen to repeat that success with Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, a follow up in pretty much the same high gloss dark rock vein.

Despite the suspicion and protest of some die hard fans I really liked this period and lead single Adorations is a prime if lesser known example of the kind of musical panoramics both U2 and Simple Minds had also been perfecting around the time.

In keeping with Jaz Coleman's long held fascination with all things occult and pagan the group are currently planning an end of the world show in New Zealand as detailed in this video on the front of their official website. It's good to see him laugh...

Killing Joke - Adorations gatefold photo

Lest we forget: Deserts are paradise, awake to genocides.