The Lurkers - Shadow

Title: Free Admission Single
Format: 7"
Label: Beggars Banquet
Year: 1977

Side A - Shadow
Side B - Love Story

Love Story

By 1977 the ricochets of The Pistols appropriation of Mod and ragged New York rock had inspired a second wave of UK punk that ranged from the few who were genuinely fired and freed up to a ream of carbon copy opportunists.

I was young and less discerning then but much of what I've pulled out to post on this blog hasn't aged well and was swiftly back on the shelf. Here's an exception though.

The Lurkers debut single never got me free admission into anything but their Ramones indebted rush briefly fed a youthful craving for something fast and sweet that was ultimately satiated by a Shelley led Buzzcocks.

I always preferred Love Story to Shadow and had given up by Ain't Got A Clue but this still sounds kind of great. It was also the first release on the often overlooked and underrated Beggars Banquet...