Nikki Sudden - The Bible Belt

Title: The Bible Belt
Format: LP
Label: Flicknife
Year: 1983

Side One - Gold Painted Nails / English Girls / Cathy / Chelsea Embankment / Bethlehem Castle / The Road Of Broken Dreams

Side Two - Six Hip Princes / Out Of Egypt / The Angels Are Calling / Missionary Boy / The Only Boy In Heaven

The Angels Are Calling

Some records take me back in that beautiful way pieces of vinyl just can and do but I actually don't even own this LP. Instead these two tracks stood out on a lovingly compiled cassette that was in and out of tape decks across bedsit London far too many years ago.

Nikki Sudden's second solo album The Bible Belt features amongst others Waterboy Mike Scott, future Jacobite Dave Kusworth and the intriguingly named Lizard who provides the stunning female vocals on both these songs.

Born Elizabeth Wilcocks in Melbourne she later reappeared as Max Edie singing back up on This Is The Sea and its big hit which she claims Scott told her was written about Sudden. The angels called the former Swell Maps singer a few years ago so I'd love to believe he was immortalised as the optimist and dreamer who got too high, too soon and saw the whole of the moon.

My cassette compiler came round last weekend with this LP for me to photograph and some other stuff of his which I've long admired but didn't get round to buying myself. Thankfully he's agreed to do some guest posts on this blog in the near future...

Chelsea Embankment

And when the frost falls and I need an answer, that's when I'll call out to you