Wilco - A Ghost Is Born

Title: A Ghost Is Born
Format: CD Album
Label: Nonesuch
Year: 2005

Tracks - At Least That's What You Said / Hell Is Chrome / Spiders (Kidsmoke) / Muzzle Of Bees / Hummingbird / Handshake Drugs / Wishful Thinking / Company In My Back / I'm A Wheel / Theologians / Less Than You Think / The Late Greats

Bonus Disc - Panthers / At Least That's What You Said (Live) / The Late Greats (Live) / Handshake Drugs (Live) / Kicking Television


Theologians is taken from Wilco's fifth album A Ghost Is Born and seems quite apt after sitting through two musical interpretations of the nativity this week.

My five year old was a very cute donkey but as an atheist I've bitten my tongue as I reckon Jesus along with Santa will both be short lived beliefs. Jeff Tweedy seems to agree that the spirit or soul isn't a thing that should be exploited and controlled and if so I'm with him on that one...

This is the later issue of the original 2004 album that came with the bonus disc of live stuff and a couple of outtakes that were a download freebie with the initial release.