New Order - Movement

Title: Movement
Format: LP
Label: Factory
Year: 1981

Side 1 - Dreams Never End / Truth / Senses / Chosen Time
Side 2 - ICB / The Him / Doubts Even Here / Denial

Dreams Never End

Everyone was holding their breath for this one. New Order's debut single Ceremony had dispensed Joy Division's last written songs that Spring but later in the year as Winter set in, Movement finally appeared.

I'd been lucky to see the new line up at The Squat in late 1980. It was officially a Durutti Column show but the word was out that they were playing and I was still kicking myself that I'd missed the previous unnannounced try out at The Beach Club.

It was mesmerising. Hooky sang one, Bernard played melodica on a couple and a recently recruited girlfriend switched between guitar and synth through a short set of seven songs, no encore. A Peel session followed and helped put names to things I'd heard as did that bronze wrapped debut so anticipation for the first Curtis-less album was understandably sky high.

I guess Movement could never live up to those kind of expectations and Hannett's over subdued production didn't help but in a way I see it as Joy Division's third and final long player as it has far more in common with what had gone before than the nightclub electro that would shape the future New Order.

The album opens with Dreams Never End, the one from the Squat with Pete Hook on vocals.
It's brave and beautiful...