Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career

Title: My Maudlin Career
Format: CD Album
Label: 4AD
Year: 2009

Tracks - French Navy / The Sweetest Thing / You Told A Lie / Away With Murder / Swans / James / Careless Love / My Maudlin Career / Forests & Sands / Other Towns & Cities / Honey In The Sun

French Navy

I'll be adrift off the coast of North Africa in a week's time so here's something ship shape and sunlit.

French Navy opens the most recent Camera Obscura album My Maudlin Career and was also issued as a single although I'm long past chasing everything by anyone these days.

It's one of those songs that for three minutes makes everything right with the world and it's tale of a chance encounter with somebody who makes you go woo is very easy to transpose onto the way we all felt on meeting that certain someone.

I was waiting to be struck by lightning, waiting for somebody exciting like you...