Ben Folds - Rockin' The Suburbs

Title: Rockin' The Suburbs
Format: CD Album
Label: Epic
Year: 2001

Tracks - Annie Waits / Zak And Sarah / Still Fighting It / Gone / Fred Jones Part 2 / The Ascent Of Stan / Losing Lisa / Carrying Cathy / Not The Same / Rockin' The Suburbs / Fired / The Luckiest


A track off Ben Fold's first after the Five, debut album Rockin' The Suburbs is generally viewed as his best solo long player so far.

Like a lot of great break up songs Gone tries to make sense of a significant split by exorcising the ghost of something that burnt bright then burnt out. Personally, I've always tried to avoid looking backwards and my advice for eternal happiness is as follows: hook up with someone who makes you laugh, turns you on and is slightly smarter than yourself.

The chemicals are wearing off...