If You Can't Please Yourself You Can't Please Your Soul

Title: If You Can't Please Yourself You Can't Please Your Soul
Format: LP
Label: Some Bizzare
Year: 1985

Side One - Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel - The Only Good Christian Is A Dead Christian / Cabaret Voltaire - Product Petrol / Test Dept. - Total Nervous Phenomonom / Marc Almond - Love Amongst The Ruins / Psychic T.V. - Twisted

Side Two - The The - Flesh And Bones / Coil - The Wheel / Yello - The Roxy Cut / Virginia Astley - Waiting To Fall / Einstuzende Neubaten - Wardrobe

Flesh And Bones

I think you'd struggle to put your foot through an L.E.D. screen but I was close to trying the other night as I watched the music industry equivalent of a public school biscuit contest. This year's Brits rewarded the usual stream of woeful insipidness and was topped off by a castrated punk medley and a right on nod to War Child that conveniently overlooked British foreign policy and the nefarious non-musical activities of most of the conglomerates in the room.

Once upon a time music was made by and for the people and came in endless new flavours on maverick labels like Fast, Factory, 4AD and Some Bizzare. Originally titled Waste Disposal Eyes, If You Can't Please Yourself You Can't Please Your Soul is a cool example of the sheer, undiluted experimentalism of the time and compiles the label's own groups alongside a few well chosen, like minded guests.

It was tough deciding what to post as there's probably more inventiveness happening on this one album than we've experienced in the last decade. Breathless stuff like Jim Thirlwell's gospel lion feeding, The Cabs early acid house and the sore thumb beauty of Virginia Astley.

I played it to death back then, especially this exclusive track by Matt Johnson's The The, his first new stuff since the masterpiece that is and was Soul Mining. Flesh And Bones briefly reappeared as an additional track on the following year's Heartland 12" and is every bit as good as anything that went before. There's the same minutiae of life from early morning cigarettes, skyline cranes and dripping taps to a glimpse of a wider world view that today's Johnson expertly distills into 140 characters or less @thethe

The hypocrites on the television screens are trying to disguise what they really mean. They say things are getting better when we know they're getting worse, while they're buying bigger guns from a shrinking purse...

Waiting To Fall

Bonus Virginia here and album inserts there