The Nectarine No 9 - Received, Transgressed & Transmitted

Title: Received Transgressed & Transmitted
Format: CD Album
Label: Creeping Bent
Year: 2001

Tracks - Pong Fat / Susan Identifier / Constellations Of A Vanity / Foundthings / It's Raining For Some Cloudy Reasons / Pocket Radiodrops / Look At My Sleeves They Fall Down / (sic) / Lid / Fibrecane No.4 / Bongo Kong / Lazy Crystal

Fibrecane No. 4

Apparently a fibrecane no.4 is one of a range of synthetic reeds for woodwind instruments favoured by a modern jazz crowd as well as the stand out track on The Nectarine No. 9's fourth album Received Transgressed & Transmitted.

It's dedicated to a bright flame of a friend who lived his life twice as fast as the rest of us and sadly sailed into the light last month. It's left me shocked and numb but with everlasting memories of hanging out in the 80s before he headed off to get educated at Oxford and subsequently settle down and start a family in Sydney.

We'd still catch up every few years in the UK and reminisce about how he managed to crash a narrow boat into a jetty as the rest of us slept and other less publishable excesses. There's even a Davey Henderson connection too as I twisted his arm to put on Win at his college's summer ball during a drunken weekend that would have put the cast of Withnail and I to shame.

Adam Spencer Carr 14.10.66 - 26.1.14

Me I'm swinging on a star...